to The previous name also works, but the latter part is the new, official name of the blog.

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Added English blog version

Today, a big change was launched on this blog. Meet, for the first time in years actually, an English version of the blog. At the same time, the branding and URL is also changed from to The previous name also works, but the latter part is the new, official name of the blog.

(Update: I originally went with the .tk name, but after reading that some people had very bad experiences with their .tk domain names being "taken away" by, I settled with something more stable and reliable.)

One of the reasons for adding English as a language for the blog is that I will start writing a bit more about various geek/technology things I find interesting, and for such topics, I find English a better, more natural language to use when writing (not to mention the potential audience is somewhat larger...). To be honest, I would even find it strange to write about these things in Swedish, probably because you more or less "think" in English when doing geeky stuff.

I will probably not write everything on the blog in both languages (Swedish and English); more likely, I will write about some stuff in Swedish when I feel like it, and other stuff in English when I find that to be more natural.

As for the branding, I felt I wanted to split things out a bit so that is one site (which I am also the author of) and this blog is another site, with different host names. I am in no way ashamed of my other writings or anything. At the same time, I don't want people to reject my blog posts about technology just because they happen to dislike my faith in Jesus Christ. So, I just want to separate things a bit. Anyone reading this blog (especially the Swedish posts) will quite clearly notice that I am a believer anyway, it's a very poorly kept secret...