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My three favourite programming languages

At the moment, I have three programming languages which are closer to my heart than the other languages I am familiar with. In this text I share some of the reasons for this.

For those of you who have followed me closely lately, nothing in this will be very surprising. I have three favourite programming languages at the moment, namely:

  1. TypeScript
  2. C#
  3. Rust

If I were to develop a project from scratch, more or less any project, and were able to freely pick whichever technology I wanted for the job, I would very likely choose one of these languages. My thinking would be something like this:

Potential new languages that could make it to the list sometime

I am not saying the languages above are the only great or useful languages, only that they are my personal favourites at the moment. But sometimes, things aren't really that black and white. For example, what if you need to (because of e.g. dependencies on 3rd party Java libraries) run stuff which gets deployed to a JVM? You don't always have full control over the circumstances.

Hence, I would like to add one or more of the following languages to the list above:

My second & third-tier languages

These are languages that I have all worked with (either professionally or in spare time projects), but would prefer not to work with any more, if possible. Having said that, I still acknowledge their place and it all depends; if I am asked to do a small change to an existing Perl program for example, I will probably not start rewriting the whole thing in "some other language". However, if I'm asked to take over the long-term maintenance of an application, that's a different story and I'm much more likely to be wanting to rewrite at least parts of it in a better, more sustainable language, if possible.