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TypeScript: Making web programming fun again

In this blog post I will share a few thoughts on why I feel TypeScript is a very valuable addition to the JavaScript/web ecosystem, and some of my initial experiences and feelings around it.

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Rust: Love at second sight

In this post, I will write a little about another of my favourite programming languages, namely, Rust. I started experimenting with Rust in 2015 I think, but it took some time for me to really learn to appreciate it. You could call it a "love at second sight" experience.

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New features in C# 6.0 and 7.0

In this blog post, I will share some of my thoughts on the recent years of development in the .NET world, eventually leading up to the release of C# 6.0 in 2015, and C# 7.0 now in 2017 (it was released 10 days before this blog post was written).

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Added English blog version

Today, a big change was launched on this blog. Meet, for the first time in years actually, an English version of the blog. At the same time, the branding and URL is also changed from to The previous name also works, but the latter part is the new, official name of the blog.

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HTPC project, part 5

Just a quickie this time. Of course, I couldn't keep my promise of waiting with this until we move into the house. :-) I looked into it again, and this time, I actually got it working! It seemed to work pretty well now, and MythTV surely makes these IPTV streams more useful.

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HTPC Project, part 4

I found a quite interesting page here about IPTV and MythTV.

This document describes all the steps you need to take to get an IPTV-based provider added to MythTV. There are quite a few steps involved actually, more than what you might think.

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HTPC Project, Part 3

I found an interesting "HOWTO"-like document here: Installing MythTV on Debian Etch. I can recommend this HOWTO to anyone else interested in getting MythTV set up.

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HTPC Project, Part 2

(Warning: this posting doesn't really talk very much about the HTPC project per se; it is more of a general posting regarding the Linux installation and my specific situation with previous partitions causing some issues. If you're only interested about the HTPC project, skip this posting and go straight to part 3 where I'll start installing MythTV.)

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HTPC Project, Part 1


This is my first posting in a series about my new HTPC, which I aim to construct and use for my family's home entertainment needs. Currently, I'm downloading the ISO of Debian 5.0.3, which means I can take some time to elaborate on the "hows, whys and whats" of this project.

We start with the "whys". Why build an HTPC, hasn't everyone done this already?

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