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It should come as no big surprise if you've been reading this blog that a big passion in my life is programming. It has been a hobby of mine since sometime in the nineties (probably 1994, 95 or somewhere around this - my oldest "proof" of something I wrote is the small BBS intro which is dated September 1996) and my primary way to make my living since 1999, apart from a few years in the 2000s when I was working as a Support Technician.

During the years since I started programming, I've produced a number of different projects on my spare time, of various size and grade of "seriosity". Here is a list of some of these projects. I'm hoping to add more links to this list over time, adding binaries and sometimes the source code (in the cases where it hasn't gotten lost over the years.) Many have been solo projects, others have been cooperative projects with my brother Johannes Ridderstedt, who has been an invaluable source of help and inspiration when learning about computer hardware, software and programming. This list wouldn't be what it is without him - thanks bro, I owe you a lot! :heart:

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(Unsurprisingly, this is my personal "wishlist" of books so I remember what to ask from others/buy for myself. :-)

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Yes, this is sort of my personal collection of "bookmarks" that I intend to read some day. :)

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